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Alacra enables compliance by accurately and uniquely identifying clients, counterparties and vendors for effective Know Your Customer (KYC) due diligence, on-boarding and monitoring. Alacra matches together multiple data sources to create one clean, de-duped and consistently formatted legal entity data file. With almost 20 years of experience cross-referencing and mapping, we are truly the “Rosetta Stone” of entity data identifiers.

Alacra is?pleased to provide free access to Resolve, our matching and cross-referencing engine, during this public beta period.
Enter the name of the entity or any of its public identifiers,?such as CIK, FRN, GIIN, LEI or RSSD, in the search box below.
Resolve will search through almost 5 million legal entities in the Alacra Legal Entity Directory?to identify the entity.

To provide feedback about Resolve, or to explore commercial access to the product, please email us at?

The Alacra Universe

Alacra Authority File

A daily file of all the rated, regulated and listed entities?globally, as well as all entities with common?identifiers such as the LEI or GIIN.?The most comprehensive source of legal entity reference data and cross-referenced identifiers.

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Legal Entity Directory

A daily file containing the complete cross-mapping?and de-duping of multiple major data vendors such as?Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, SIX Telekurs, SWIFT, Teledata,?Markit and the credit rating agencies.

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You provide us a file of your universe—which?may come from one or more internal data silos. We de-dupe, match and cross-reference these entities across the third-party vendor?databases to which you are licensed.

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Many organizations are on a path to centralize?and optimize data management repositories to power disparate?departments across the organization. Alacra can help reduce date silos by mapping together?internal data sources, while supporting downstream business users. Learn?more
We can add LEIs (Legal?Entity Identifiers), FACTA GIINs (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act?Global Intermediary Identification Number), credit ratings, and many?other identifiers, to your counterparty information so you can generate?the correct reports quickly and easily generate the reports needed for Basel II and III, Solvency II, EMIR, MiFID II and other regulations and directives.??Learn?more
If you are building internal credit default and/or ratings models?for enhanced risk management, more refined credit exposure limits or better investment decision making,?Alacra can help provide a clean, de-duped and cross-mapped file of entities with credit ratings and other credit-related pricing or default metrics.?Learn?more
Being able to accurately and uniquely identify a client, counterparty or vendor is the foundation of effective Know Your Customer (KYC) due diligence, on-boarding and monitoring. Alacra maintains up-to-date list of rated, regulated and listed entities and is an expert in uniquely identifying the “right” entity.?Learn?more
For a CRM, client portal, or any form?of research and analysis?you need to be able to access all the information on a client?or prospect. Sales teams need to know all the products that clients use?before calling on them.?Bad data can mean missed cross-selling opportunities, bad contact information or just general confusion and?frustration.?Learn?more

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